OBD Devices Supported

Our adapters are now being used as educational tools, testing tools, and customer products.

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PeraltaProducts, 2017


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Sprint Drive Adapters

W/Vehicle simulation

At&T harman spark Adapters

W/Vehicle simulation.

Verizon Hum+ HumX Adapters

W/Vehicle simulation.

AT&T Mobley Adapters with no Vehicle simulation.

T-Mobile Syncup Drive Adapters

W/Vehicle simulation.

* International devices, unbranded devices,

and more...

* Our Harman Spark, Sprint Drive, and Syncup drive adapters contain vehicle simulation technology that work with several brands and carriers around the world.  These adapters provide 12V of power plus vehicle simulation. Our newest adapters now shipped with an updated firmware that makes it even more compatible with other types of obd devices.

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PeraltaProducts is a startup company in Kansas. We were established in 2017. As of today we specialize in reverse engineering obd protocols and devices. We serve customers around the global. Our products are designed and assembled in the USA.

Returns and Refunds Policy

Adapters bought from our website carry 90 days warranty. We will replace or refund within 30 days of your purchase. After 30 days and before 90 days we will repair or replace at our own discretion. Customers are reponsible for initial shipping costs. We will cover return shipping cost of a replacement or repaired adapter.

Adapters bought from marketplaces such as Amazon.com or eBay carry the warranty impose by the marketplace which may be up to 30 days.